How to Care Your SJ Jewelry

  • Storing your jewelry properly and away from chemicals, would do your jewelry wonders. Keeping them clasps and stored separately from other jewelries would lower the chances of them being scratched or tangled. 
  • Remove your jewelry before, showering, swimming, cleaning or any strenuous activities. 
  • Avoid getting your jewelry wet as much as possible. 
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while applying lotion, body oils, perfume, body mist, etc.
  • Also avoid contact with makeup, hair styling products and perfumes.
Remember this key tip: Put your jewelry on last and take your jewelry off first!
    • To clean your jewelry use a moist soft cloth and gently wipe it or use your SJ Jewelry cloth provided with your order.
    • Use a soft toothbrush without any water with a soft bristle to remove any buildup from your jewelry. 

       We know you want to show off your SJ Jewelry Co pieces, but do so with care. These tips will have your jewelry looking brand new each wear.